Is the transportation convenient in Lanzhou, Gansu?

In ancient times the Silk Road of Gansu played a great role in the economic and cultural exchanges between the west and China. Nowadays Gansu has already built a convenient transportation network of highway, railway and airway directing to the outside world. Lanzhou enjoys an easy traffic. Its Zhongchuan Airport operates more than 20 air-routes to main cities in the country and running through the city are the 6 national highways, such as Nos. 312 and 109 and Lanzhou is also a hinge of 4 optical cable main lines and 4 railways: Longhai, Lanxin (Lanzhou-Urumqi), Lanqing (Lanzhou-Xining-Golmud) and Baolan (Baotou-Lanzhou). In addition, there are also tourists trains from Lanzhou to Xi’an, Xining, Yinchuan, Jiayuguan, Tianshui, Zhangye and Pingliang and other places.

What is the temperature in Gansu?

With complicated and varied landforms, Gansu has mountains, valleys, prairies, plateaus, deserts and Gobi deserts. With temperature continental climate, most areas of Gansu Province are dry. Its annual rainfall is about 300 millimeters and defers greatly in different areas. The annual average temperature is between 4-14℃. Gansu has plenty of sunshine and strong radiation of all year and the temperature varies greatly form day to night.

What is the local snack there?

Created in about 1875, Lanzhou beef noodle enjoys a wide popularity in China and is also the favorite of local people. It is made of ordinary flour mixed with a little specially-made plant ash. Tian Peizi-sweet fermented wheat is another snack in Lanzhou. Cold boiled water, sugar and fermented wheat are mixed together to get this cold refreshing summertime snack. In Lanzhou you can also enjoy Shish Kebab, Red Pea gruel and hot Dongguo pear etc.